June 548

PhotoWorld of the National Archives

The National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and Ltd “PhotoWorld” offers the new service to the photo lovers in the frame of the joint project “PhotoWorld of the National Archives”.

Persons who are interested to print the photos, preserved at the National Archival Fonds, can search for the photos throug the web pages of the National Archives and the “PhotoWorld” and order the printing of the photo at the “PhotoWorld” directly.

The project began in March, 2012 and hundreds of citizens have already used this service.

More than 500 000 photo documents are preserved at the photo depository of the National Archives  that covers the period from the 50s of the 19th century to the present time. The photos are various and unique. Among them are the views of the cities, the photos depicting different historical events, ethnographical types, famous figures and others.