Galaktion reads the poem "Tasi"

The beginning of the film collage was shot in 1947 at the Shovi. The poem "Tasi" is read by the poet Al. Japaridze Scientific Library, 1946.

Record of Galaktion Tabidze's birth in the 1892 Metric Book of St. George Church in the village of Chkvishi.

According to this document preserved in the National Archives of Georgia, Galaktion Tabidze was born on November 5, 1891 (in the old style) and was baptized on January 3, 1892.

Father: Vasil Stefane Tabidze, who died at the birth of Galaktioni.

Mother - Makrine, daughter of Giorgi.

Godfather: Tadeoz Namicheishvili.

The mystery of the Epiphany was performed by the priest Stefane Tabidze, who was Galaktion's grandfather.

crâne aux Fleurs artistiques, 1919
The first collection of Galaktion's poems was published in 1914. The second collection - "Cran Aux fleurs artistiques" ("Skull with artistic flowers") - was published in 1919 by Petre (Tutku) Gvaramia. This book brought the poet special popularity.

The presented copy of "Artistic Flowers", which is kept by the National Archives of Georgia, belonged to Datiko Kipiani. Fragments of Galaktion's poems were also written on the book cover by his owner.
Tutku Gvaramia, the publisher of Galaktion poem's second collection, was shot during the 1924 repression. The poet dedicated a poem to his memory, the autograph of which is kept in the family of Petre Gvaramia and became famous after the overthrow of the Soviet regime.
The autograph of the poem was presented at the exhibition on repression held at the National Archives of Georgia in 2017.

Galaktion - clerk of the Government Chancellery

The National Archives of Georgia keeps a number of official documents signed by Galaktion Tabidze in the archival material of the First Democratic Republic. The poet was a clerk of the Chancellery of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1918-1919.

In the submitted document, he signs the extract from the journal of the session of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Georgia on the issue of Transcaucasian bonds.

January 23, 1919.
Galaktion Tabidze married Olga Okujava on August 23, 1916.

Their marriage was civilly concluded on October 15, 1921.

According to the presented archival document, the poet and the female student got married voluntarily, for the first time.

At that time Galaktion lived in Sergiev Street, Art Palace (Writers' House on present-day Machabeli Street) in Tbilisi, and Olga Okujava lived in apartment # 19 on Rustaveli Avenue.

The document is accompanied by the signatures of the bride and groom.

The Bolshevik government Accused Olga Okujava of Trotskyism. She was arrested in 1929 and exiled for 3 years. For the second time she was arrested in 1936, was convicted in 1937 and was shot in 1941.

Galaktion Tabidze and Olga Okujava before marriage. Kutaisi. Undated.

"Galaktion Tabidze's Magazine", 1922, # 1

Galaktion Tabidze's Magazine was published in 1922-1923.

There were published 9 issues of that journal.

See the full version of the first issue of the magazine below:

Galaktion's notebook, 1947

The poem "Mtatsmindis Mtvare" ("Mtatsminda Moon") author red in December 22, 1953 in Batumi, at the evening, dedacated to 45th anniversary of his literary career.

Galaktion's notebook, 1957-1958

The personal fond of the scientist, archivist Vakhtang Gurgenidze, kept at the National Archives of Georgia, preserves Galaktion's personal belongings, including his glasses, pencil, pen, cigarette case and notebooks presented here.

"I am most simply here ..." - Galaktion Tabidze wrote later.

Standing from left to right: Galaktion Tabidze, Akaki Svani, Barnaba Gelazania, Ilia Bakhtadze, Ia Ekaladze, Mikhako Janoev (Nemo), Teofile Khuskivadze, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, Jaju Georgia, Datiko Mebuke (Tsvarnadze).

Sitting: Titsian Tabidze, Grigol Veshapeli (Veshapidze), Irodion Evdoshvili, Varlam Rukhadze, Akaki Tsereteli, Davit Kldiashvili, Lado Darchiashvili, Iason Nikolaishvili, Isidore Kvitsaridze.

On the night of November 20, 1957, Galaktion wrote about this photo in his notebook (see the full record at

Galaktion Tabidze. Galaktion dedicated this photo to Vakhtang Gurgenidze: "Dear Vakhtang as a sign of unspoken respect". 1955.

Galaktion's jurney to Samtskhe-Javakheti. 1955.