December 595

en_საქართველოს ეროვნული არქივი 100 წლისაა

en_მეფე ერეკლე II - 300

en_მეფე ერეკლე II - 300,

Kutaisi, 7 June 1914

Literary evening participants

Literary evening participants, Kutaisi, 7 June 1914

1973 year

"Sherekilebi" shooting stage

"Sherekilebi" shooting stage, 1973 year

XVIII Century

Fragment from the miniature

Fragment from the miniature, XVIII Century

Tbilisi, 26 May 1919

Celebration dedicated to Georgia's independence

Celebration dedicated to Georgia's independence, Tbilisi, 26 May 1919

1989 year

Sunrise in Mestia

Sunrise in Mestia, 1989 year


Sketch from the book of Galaktioni

Sketch from the book of Galaktioni, 1940s

1743-1755 years

Map of Vakhushti

Map of Vakhushti, 1743-1755 years

1890-1910 years

Batumi, French ship "Loreili"

Batumi, French ship "Loreili", 1890-1910 years

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