May 548

Remote Service

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus during the state of emergency and quarantine, the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia will provide the following archival services remotely:

  1. Birth Certificate (data until 1936);
  2. Marriage Certificate (data until 1936);
  3. Divorce Certificate (data until 1936);
  4. Death Certificate (data until 1936);
  5. Certificate on Composition of household;
  6. Certificate confirming the property right;
  7. Certificate on joining the Cooperative;
  8. Certificate on the absence of document;
  9. Certificate on confirming the fact of education;
  10. Certificate on work experience;
  11. Certificate of registering to and excerpting from the specific address;
  12. Repeated social-legal certificate.

In order to receive the necessary archival services, the interested person can send an application to the National Archives' e-mail address: or apply with the help of the Hotline (214 05 05) of the National Archives.

Applications are accepted every working day, from 09:00 to 18:00.

The interested person will receive the prepared archival information via personal e-mail within 10 working days, and upon request, reply will be sent to him through "Georgian Post".

Citizens can use the accelerated service on the following archival certificates:

- Birth Certificate (data until 1936);

- Marriage Certificate (data until 1936).

Additional documents can be submitted remotely by e-mail ( and/or social networks (Viber, Whats-App). 

If a citizen does not have access to the Internet, one can place additional documents directly in special mailboxes located in the offices of the National Archives (Central, Regional and Local Archives).

Additional documents are:

- Receipt confirming the payment of the service fee;

- Document confirming the use of relief while the payment of service fee;

- Power of attorney;

- In case of a foreign citizen - a copy of the passport.


The following citizens enjoy the relief of the service fee:

1. If the archival notice directly concerns them, they are exempted from paying the service fee:

- Persons with disabilities;

- World War II veterans and their peers;

- Veterans of combat operations on the territory of other states and persons equal to them;

- Veterans of operations for Georgian Territorial Integrity, Freedom and Independence and persons equal to them;

- Internally displaced persons;

- A family member registered in the Unified Database of Socially Vulnerable Families, whose rating score is equal to or less than the threshold set by the Government of Georgia.


2. If the archival notice directly concerns them, they enjoy the releif of paying 50% of the fee:

- pupils;

- students;

- Retirees.