May 595


The Exhibition Gallery of the National Archives of Georgia was opened on July 21, 2016.

On the first floor of the Exhibition Pavilion exhibition hall is located, and on the mezzanine there is Mediathek, Bookstore and Cafe. At Mediathek one will enjoy Georgian and foreign books about the audio-visual art, as well as computers and internet.

In the bookstore you can buy books and a variety of products, produced by the National Archives, using archival documents.

The Exhibition Hall mainly hosts the expositions, informing the visitor about the treasure kept in the National Archives of Georgia. Along with the exhibitions, public lectures, educational projects and book presentations are also held at the Exhibition Pavilion.

Visiting exhibitions, as well as Mediathek access, is free of charge.


Exhibition Pavilion Rental

The Exhibition Pavilion of the National Archives of Georgia can be rented for exhibitions, book presentations or other events.

Fee: 1 hour - 100 GEL

       1 day  -  600 GEL


Exhibition Pavilion working hours

From Tuesday to Sunday, except for official business days:

April - October:



November - March