March 548

Digitalization Service

Accessibility and security of documents created during the activities of the institution is important. The digitalization service, offered by the National Archives together with scientific-technical processing of documents will enable organizations to the following:

  • As a result of expertise, the departmental archives will be sorted and processed
  • Ensure long-term archiving of physical documents with the Restoration and disinfection
  • Avoid direct work with physical documents in order not to damage the original ones
  • Each individual document will have a complete annotation according to the international archival standards and requirements of the related institutions in order to easily identify them
  • Simply find documents and secure access through a special electronic catalogue
  • The physical documents, preserved in the National Archives of Georgia will be completely or partly transferred to the deposit storage of the National Archives, which saves space and human resources.
  • Digital documents will be preserved on the Server Infrastructure of the National Archives for the purpose of their security and reducing the expenses.

The digitization process is carried out by highly qualified staff of the National Archives of Georgia. Technical characteristics of digitalization can be acquainted according to analogical projects of digitization in the National Archives of Georgia.