From the left:

Akaki Tsereteli, portrait, Kutaisi. On the reverse the photo has an inscription:

"He is the leader of our People

Who won't step back,

And he is Akaki.

V. Ghvankiteli. April 17, 1896

Participants of the 25th anniversary of the marriage of David Sarajishvili and Ekaterine Forakishvili.

Family members of Sarajishvilis and Forakishvilis, Akaki Tsereteli, Arthur Leist, Valerian Gunia, artist Gigo Gabashvili.

September 10, 1905.

Marching in honor of Akaki Tsereteli.

Kutaisi. December 14, 1908

Varinka Tsereteli, "Suliko" (record on wax roller) and Akaki Tsereteli's notebook. Autograph, Black. The notebook includes: Children's short story "Little Tariel", poem "Natela", publicist letter "Thoughts in front of the fireplace", 1890s.