Fragments from the Documentary "Lado Gudiashvili"

Director – Shergil Shonia. 1974.

Painter, graphic artist, film and theater artist Lado Gudiashvili was born on March 30, 1896 (old style March 18).

Lado Gudiashvili studied at the School of Painting and Sculpture of the Caucasus Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts in 1910-1914. His teachers were: Iakob Nikoladze, Mose Toidze, Oskar Schmerling and others.

From 1914 to 1917 he collaborated with various newspapers and magazines, creating illustrations and cartoons. From the same period, his works were presented in both group and individual exhibitions.

He began his pedagogical activity since 1915. 


Caricature of the actress Elisabeth Cherkezishvili painted by Lado Gudiashvili.

Even if the war ends, my jubilee will not end!"

Magazine "Teatri da Tskhovreba"("Theater and Life"), January 1917, # 8.

The 50th anniversary of the birth of Elisabeth Cherkezishvili was performed in 1913, and the 30th anniversary of her stage career – in 1916. The theatrical community celebrated the anniversary of the prominent actress with various events. It was during this period that the First World War took place and the artist linked these two themes with humor in his caricature.

Lado Gudiashvili – Politican

Lado Gudiashvili was recorded as a politician in the history of the First Republic of Georgia. He participated in the elections of the legislative body of Georgia – the Constituent Assembly. Together with other famous figures of art, in January 1919 he participated in the creation of the party "Aesthetic League of Patriots". The newly formed party of artists lost the election.

The document presents the electoral list of the "Aesthetic League of Patriots": 1. Paolo Iashvili, 2. Iakob Nikoladze, 3. Pavle Ingorokva, 4. Titsian Tabidze, 5. Vladimer Gudiashvili, 6. Aleksi Arsenishvili.

The handwritten list is accompanied by the consent of the candidates to participate in the voting.

In 1919, Lado Gudiashvili, along with other Georgian artists, went to Paris to study. Ketevan Maghalashvili, David Kakabadze, Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi, Mikheil Chiaureli, Elene Akhvlediani and others went to France to continue their studies.

Lado Gudiashvili studied at Paul Ranson Academy. He lived in Paris till 1926.

Dimitri Shevardnadze, Mikheil Chiaureli, Ketevan Maghalashvili and Lado Gudiashvili.

1920-1921, Paris.

"For information I could not wait and I'm marrying and I think my artwork will go better," he writes.
Lado Gudiashvili to Akaki Chkhenkeli – representative of the persecuted Government of Georgia.

Paris. March 1925. The 29-year-old Georgian artist marries the French writer Jeanne Joffre. The background of all this is the creative prosperity of the artist: Lado Gudiashvili's personal exhibition is held in Paris, a book about his work is published, private collectors or museums are interested in his works.

"However, you know how difficult it is to live the life of a lonely man, so I did not understand this act of marriage," the artist writes.

Lado Gudiashvili, Elene Akhvlediani, Rusiko Mdivani and Ketevan Maghalashvili.

Paris, 1923.

Dimitri Mdzinarishvili's photo collection.

Sketches for the opera "Gulnara", 1924, Paris

Lado Gudiashvili created sketches for Erekle Jabadari's opera "Gulnara" in Paris in 1924.

Cardboard, watercolor.

Erekle Jabadar used Aleksandre Kazbegi's short story "Eleonora" as the libretto of the opera.

"Gulnara" was included in the repertoire of the opera "Grand Opera" in 1924; The staging was not performed, although excerpts from the opera were performed several times.

The originals of the sketches are preserved in the Erekle Jabadari Archive Fonds.

Notes for piano "O Daili, Daili, Caucasian Dance". Cover painting: Lado Gudiashvili. 1920s.

One of the first Georgian animated films "Kolkhida (Argonauts)" was created by Lado Gudiashvili in 1934-1935.

Director: Lado Mujiri

Main artist: Lado Gudiashvili

Composer: Shalva Azmaiparashvili.

Lado Gudiashvili's Autobiography.

August 12, 1964.

The document is preserved in the archival material of the Shota Rustaveli State Awards Committee.