November 548

Caricature of Actress Elisabeth Cherkezishvili

"Even if the war is over, my jubilee will not end!" Journal "Theater and Life", January 1917, # 8.

Elizabeth Chrkezishvili’s 50th anniversary was in 1913, and 30 years from her acting work – in 1916. Theatre community celebrated the anniversary of the famous actress with various events. It was during the period of World War I and the artist linked these two themes into humor.

Elisabeth Cherkezishvili, born in 1963, started her career in Georgian Drama Theatre in 1886, before that, from 1884, she performed at the village Stage Amateurs. She also played comedy roles. Her roles include: Sara, Khanuma, (“Khanuma” of A. Tsagareli), Ana Andreevna (“The Government Inspector” by Nikolai Gogol).

In the 20s she continued her work in the Rustaveli Theatre and in 1932 – Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theate. Her roles include: Nunu ("Solar Eclipse in Georgia” by Z. Antonov), Khoreshan (“Broken Bridge” by Sh. Dadiani), and Makrine (“Solomon Mejghaunashvili by L. Ardaziani). Since 1921, she was shot in the cinema. Her roles include: Khanuma (“Khanuma”), Makari’s mother (“Keto and Kote”), Doctor ("Who Is Guilty"), Arsena's Mother ("Arsena Jorjiashvili"), Magdana ("Two Hunters").

Lado Gudiashvili worked with the magazine "Theater and Life" in 1914-1917.