June 548

The Cities of Georgia

The National Archives of Georgia implements a project "Cities of Georgia" that serves as a comparison of the century ago photos to the contempority and keeps the photo history.

The National Archives holds the views of different cities. Its authors are: Alexandre Roinashvili, Dimitry Ermakov, Eduard Klar, Nikoloz Sagharadze, Giorgi Nikoladze and others.

Project "Cities of Georgia" began in 2009. The modern versions of the old Tbilisi photos were taken by Giorgi Meurmishvili.  a A special exhibition in Tbilisi was dedicated to the project.

In 2011 the same project was implemented in Batumi this time. Black sea side city was taken by a photographer Guram Tsibakhashvili and the old and new views of the city were presented at the exhibition in Batumi Public Service Hall. Also the calender was edited with the views of modern Batumi.

In 2012 Guram Tsibakhashvili found the analogues of the old views in Kutaisi. This part of the project was also finished with the exhibition that was hosted by Kutaisi Public Service Hall. Special album was edited, where the comparative photos are united.