Georgian director and cinematographer, author of the first Georgian documentary Vasil Amashukeli was born on March 14, 1886 (according to the metric record - March, 18) in Kutaisi.

He interested in cinematography in 1903-1904. From 1908 he Independently began filming.

Metric record of the birth of Vasil Amashukeli.

Kutaisi Archangel Church, Metric Book of 1886.

According to the record, Vasil Amashukeli was born on March 18, 1886.

Memories about returning to Kutaisi and offering to film Akaki Tsereteli's trip in Racha-lechkhumi.

Film director's memoirs of filming "Akaki's Journey"

The first Georgian full-length documentary "Georgian poet Akaki Tsereteli's trip to Racha-Lechkhumi from July 21 to August 2, 1912".

Amashukeli recorded all the important episodes of this trip on film tape.

The film premiered on September 20, 1912 in the Kutaisi Cinema "Radium". Akaki also attended the event.

Vasil Amashukeli is standing next to the film camera.

In the photo: Participants in "Akaki's Journey": Sitting from left: Ioseb (Sosiko) Merkviladze, Grigol Diasamidze, Lado Bzvaneli and Samson Dateshidze.

Vasil Amashukeli in the family of Lado Bzvaneli (Natsvlishvili).

The photos were taken in 1913, during a dinner in honor of Vasil Amashukeli.

Georgian writers and cultural figures together with Konstantine Balmont in Kutaisi.


Vasil Amashukeli is the third from the left.


The photo shows: Paolo Iashvili, Galaktion Tabidze, Ia Ekaladze, Valerian Gaprindashvili, Isidore Kvitsaridze, Tamar Amirejibi, Spiridon Ledia, Tite Margvelashvili and others.