June 548


Accessibility to the archival materials, preserved at the Central Audio-Visual Archive is free. Interested person can search for and acquaint with the document of the National Archival Fonds or its copy through the informational-search system and make use of the informational service of archive.

Systematic, thematic and nominal catalogs of films, systematic and nominal catalogs of photos, genre-thematic and executor-author’s catalogs of audio records were created at the archive.

More than 10 000 photos are accessible in digital format via electronic online catalog created in the frames of UNESCO Participation Program. Archive works on creation of united electronic catalog of film, photo and audio records. It will give opportunity to the interested persons to search for the information about the audio-visual materials via internet.

In case of publication the audio-visual document, full name of the archive should be mentioned. In case of using documents in digital format inserting of logo of the National Archives is inevitable.