April 548

Division of the Protection and Registration of the National Archival Fonds



Documents of the Archival fonds are sorted as fonds and collections. Documents are located in boxes and rolls that are stored on about 500 shelves of the depositories disposed on five floors of the Central Historical Archive. For the materials of the Division of Old Documents the part of the depository is separated.

The function of the Division of the Protection and Registration of the National Archival Fonds is to implement the complex of following work: creation of the optimal conditions for the protection of documents; disposition of the documents in the depositories and their topography; delivery and return of the documents from the depositories for the researchers and employees; checking the existence and conditions of the files; creation of the insurance and usage fonds of the documents of special value; providing physical protection of the documents and preparing the files to transfer to the Laboratory of Restoration.

Annually 45 000 preserving unites are delivered on an average from the depositories for research rooms and employees. Delivery and return of such quantity of documents requests special observation and great responsibility.

Providing of the protection of the documents of the National Archival Fonds, considering the modern demands of development, means their transfer to electronic format. Considering this, creation of the electronic versions of descriptions and inventories is implemented actively and the process of digitalization passes on.  


Division Staff: 

1 Gultamze Khitarishvili Head of Division 221-60-39 gkhitarishvili@archives.gov.ge
2 Zeinab Khutsishvili Main Specialist   zkhutsishvili@archives.gov.ge
3 Rusudan Mikeladze Senior Specialist   rmikeladze@archives.gov.ge
4 Tinatin Kalmakhelidze Specialist   tkalmakhelidze@archives.gov.ge
5 Sophio kiknadze Specialist   sokiknadze@archives.gov.ge
6 Salome Darsalia Specialist   sadarsalia@archives.gov.ge