May 548

Division of Usage and Publication of Audio-Visual and Film Documents

Competence of the Division:

  • studies the public demands of the documentary information of the Central Archive, works out the statements about the thematic and forms of the usage of documents;
  • prepares the responses about the archival documents for the usage of state, economic, scientific and social-cultural purposes;
  • provides the interested judicial and private persons with the archival documents or/and their copies with the object of the usage of the documentary information;
  • serves the researchers at the Central Archive;
  • prepares the publications with the profile of the documents of the Central Archive, participates in the preparation of the guides about the composition and the content of the documents, preserved at the Central Archive;
  • Prepares the exhibitions, TV and radio programs with the documents of the Central Archive. 

Division Staff: 

1 Ketevan Sadaagishvili Head 577 34 05 74