June 548

Division of the Registration of Providing Preservation and Scientific-Informational Data System of the National Archival Fonds

Goals and functions:

  • Receive of the documents of the National Archival Fonds;
  • Compiling the registration forms on the documents received on the state protection;
  • Delivery and return of the files from the depositories;
  • Inspect of the documents preserved at the depositories;
  • Serving the researchers at the research room;
  • Publishing of the documents of the National Archival Fonds according to adequate rules, preparation of the thematic inventories, scientific articles, publications, radio and Tv programs, editions (in electronic form as well);
  • Preparation of the information about archival documents for the state, economic, scientific and social-cultural aims;
  • Preparation of social-legal references, as well as the extracts from the archival documents and copies;
  • Organization of the exhibitions with the documents of the National Archival Fonds.


Division Staff:

1 Tea Katamadze Head of Division 577 22 74 20 tkatamadze@archives.gov.ge
2 Zamira Enukidze Senior specialist    zenukidze@archives.gov.ge
3 Manana Khazaradze Senior specialist   mkhazaradze@archives.gov.ge
4 Nana Berekashvili Senior specialist   nberekashvili@archives.gov.ge
5 Inga Eliava Senior specialist   ieliava@archives.gov.ge
6 Irma Getia Senior specialist   igetia@archives.gov.ge
7 Merabi Amaghlobeli Senior specialist   meamaghlobeli@archives.gov.ge