June 548

Division of Protection and Registration of the NAF

 Goals and Functions:

  • Receipt of the documents from the source-organizations and different institutions;
  • Composition of registration documents and carrying in the changes periodically on the documents of state registry;
  • Delivery and return of the files for the employees of the archive and the researchers in the research room;
  • Delivery of files for different institutions and at the research rooms for the temporary use;
  • Display of the damaged documents and their transfer to the Laboratory of Restoration;
  • Conducting sanitary days at the depositories with the object of their care and protection.



Division Staff:

1 Ketevan Mtvralashvili Head of Division 2 10 59 20 kmtvralashvili@archives.gov.ge
2 Ida Gogia Main Specialist   igogia@archives.gov.ge
3 Mtvarisa Kverkvetsia Senior Specialist   mkverkvetsia@archives.gov.ge
4 Nino Tavlalashvili Senior Specialist   ntavlalashvili@archives.gov.ge
5 Natia Ungiadze Senior Specialist   nungiadze@archives.gov.ge
6 Tamila Shavgulidze Senior Specialist   tshavgulidze@archives.gov.ge
7 Nino Berianidze Specialist   nberianidze@archives.gov.ge
8 Tamar Devrisashvili Specialist   tdevrisashvili@archives.gov.ge
9 Leila Obolashvili Specialist   lobolashvili@archives.gov.ge