May 548

Division of Literature and Art

The archival fonds of the creative unions, societies, committees, museums, agencies, as well as the publishing houses, editorial offices, theatres, ensembles, film studios, college materials, private fonds of the figures acting in the fields of literature and art, are preserved at the Division of Literature and Art of the Central Archive of Contemporary History.


Goals and Functions:

  • Supplement of the National Archival Fonds with the documents depicting the history of the literature and art and ensuring of their preservation;
  • Establishment of the lists of the source-institutions, banking the Central Archive in the direction of literature and art and the owners of the documents of the private origin;
  • Determination of the circle of the owners private origin documents of the figures of literature and art;
  • Preservation, registration, display and preparation for restoration and conservation;
  • Creation and development of the scientific-informational data system, inculcation of the electronic search system, description of the profile institutions and the documents of the private origin;
  • Organization of the documents of the literature and art, preparation of these documents for the edition of documents’ publications and profile reference-informational literature;
  •  Providing citizens’ service;
  • Aiming the popularization of documents, preparation of publications, TV and radio programs, participation in the exhibitions and other arrangements.


Division Staff:

1 Marina Skhirtladze Head 237-52-60
2 Natela Berozashvili Main Specialist
3 Irine Makharadze Main Specialist
4 Maia Nakhutsrishvili Senior Specialist
5 Nana Phanjikidze Senior Specialist