May 548

Goal and Vision

The main goal and function of the Central Historical Archive is the protection, registration of the preserved documents, evidence of the damaged materials and transfer for restoration.

  • In the aim of preservation, digitalization process is carried out at the archive second year already. At first electronic versions of old documents and most utilizable fonds are planned to be created. After the digitalization process, the documents will be touched less that will prolong the viability of the documents;
  • Registrations of documents are made according to the archival rules. Thematic cards are made on each document;
  • Electronic registration of documents are made in the program of international parameters;
  • Central Historical Archive elicits documents according to their degree of damage and transfers to the Laboratory.

Reference service of citizens:

  • After opening Public Service Halls in Georgia and transferring the primary services of citizens the number of desirous to receive social-legal certificates on the basis of the documents preserved at the Central Historical Archive was increased. The duty of the staff is to implement the request qualitatively in time;
  • Research room is functioning at the Central Historical Archive. Researchers work there on different subjects. Interest of the researchers towards the documents of the Central Historical Archive is rather big that is stipulated with the variety of the material.

Interesting citizens with archival documents and developing scientific work:

  • Interesting citizens with archival documents is determined with their activities that are implemented via cooperation with public and international organizations. Thematic exhibitions are hold: Independence Day of Georgia, Documents of Vakhtang VI, and Illuminated Ecclesiastical Books etc. Archive is preparing topics in TV and Radio broadcasting companies and makes the activities of the Archive interesting for wide society;  
  • Archive is intending to implement wide scaled research, where not only employees, but researchers will be involved as well.