November 548

Nikoloz Sagaradze's photo collection is available on the website of the National Archives

The National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia has published the electronic version of part of the collection of photographer Nikoloz Sagaradze online.

Among the photos there are pictures of writers, actors, directors and other famous people working in Georgia; In addition, the outstanding part of the collection is the exhibition albums of the Kutaisi photo studio of Alexander Mikhailov and Melkon Kakhuchashvili, which preserved unique photographs of the population of Western Georgia.

The photos were taken in 1880-1917.

In 1947, Nikoloz Sagaradze personally gave the photo archive created during the ten years of the photo studio - about 150 glass negatives and 15 photo albums - to the archive as a gift.

The collection is available at the following link: