June 548

Laboratory of Restoration

The Laboratory of Documents Restoration and Microfilming of the National Archives of Georgia was established in 1942-1943.

The Laboratory holds restoration-conservation works of archival files, ancient manuscripts and unique books (both on paper and parchment), unique photos and photo albums, as well as the documents performed on light sensitive materials (posters, draughts, press).

The Laboratory of Documents’ Restoration and Microfilming carries out the disinfection of documents; processing with dry and wet rule; repair and reconstruction with the newest methods, using the modern materials. All those technical means that are used during the restoration of the documents are approved by the international standards, protect the documents and increases the duration of its storage.

Since January 2012 the Laboratory of Restoration and Microfilming offers the organizations and the individuals various types of services:

1. Disinfection of archival repositories and documents;
2. Repair of the documents;
3. Renovation of old documents (parchment), restoration-conservation;
4. Restoration of photo albums and putting in the cover;
5. Restoration of old books and putting in the covert;
6. Holds qualification courses.



1 Tamila Aphakidze Head 238-28-56 taphakidze@archives.gov.ge
2 Vera Kikodze Main specialist   vkikodze@archives.gov.ge
3 Maia Baratashvili Main specialist   mbaratashvili@archives.gov.ge
4 Nana Sherazadishvili Main specialist   nsherazandishvili@archives.gov.ge
5 Salome Phartladze Senior specialist    
6 Ana Chikovani Senior specialist    
7 Salome Mikaberidze Senior specialist    
8 Magda sherazadishvili Senior specialist    
9 Nino Melikishvili Specialist    
10 Merina Machaidze Specialist