March 548

Division of the Protection and Registration of the National Archival Fonds

Competence of the Division:

  • Ensuring the protection and preservation of documents of the National Archival Fonds at the structural units of the National Archives – Central archives and territorial authorities.

a) Organization of the work of central and territorial authorities - Regional and Local Archives, of the Laboratory of Restoration and microfilming in the field of conservation and protection of documents, conservation-restoration of the damaged documents and creation of the insurance fonds for the documents of particular value.
b) Analysis of the conditions of material-technical basis of the documents’ preservation and protection of the National Archives.

  • Organization of the documents centralized registration of the National Archival Fonds.

a) Organization of the centralized registration of National Archival documents, insurance of methodological and practical implementation, registration of central fonds catalogue, collection and generalization of data about the volume of the archival documents, preserved at the institutions of permanent storage facilities of the documents National Archival Fonds.
b) Analysis of the informational level, conditions and composition of the scientific data system of the central and territorial authorities - Regional and Local Archives.

  • Implementation of state control and surveillance measures of registration, protection and preservation of the National Archival Fonds Documents (including the cultural heritage monuments of the National Archival Fonds).

Division Staff:


1 Elene Mdinaradze Head 2 376 329
2 Natalia Murvanidze Main specialist
3 Lela Chubinidze Senior specialist