July 548

The National Archives Celebrates the Independence Day with Online Projects

The National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia celebrates the Independence Day of Georgia, May 26, with online projects.

Specially for this day, it was prepared and uploaded on the National Archives' offcial website www.archives.gov.ge:

· The virtual public lecture "May 26 - History of Independence" of the historian Dimitri Silakadze: https://archive.gov.ge/ge/dimitri-silakadze-26-maisi-damoukideblobis-istoria-1

· Givi Ghamabashidze's "Days of War", memories published as a book, online presentation: https://archive.gov.ge/ge/dimitri-silakadze-omis-dgheebi-givi-ghambashidzis-tsignad-gamotsemuli-mogonebebi-1

· Archival collection of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia: https://archive.gov.ge/ge/sakartelos-pirveli-demokratiuli-respublika

· "Newsreel of Few Days of the Democratic Republic of Georgia": https://archive.gov.ge/ge/sakartvelos-demokratiuli-respublikis-ramdenime-dghis-kinokronika-1

· Multimedia page about the First Republic: https://archive.gov.ge/ge/multimedia-gverdi

· Quizze - State Symbols and Attributes: https://archive.gov.ge/ge/quiz/pirveli-respublikis-simbolika-1