May 548

Jvari Monastery

One of the great monuments of Georgian architecture - Jvari stands near Mtskheta on the top of the mountain at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. After accepting Christianity, King Mirian erected a high wooden cross in this place, which was worshiped by other Christian nations of the Caucasus. Guaram, the chief of Kartli, built a small church next to the cross, which today is called "Mcire Jvari". At the end of the 6th century and the beginning of the 7th century, the son of Guaram - Erismtavari Stephamoz I built a large temple next to the small temple with the present jvari, which was covered with a wooden cross. The Jvari of Mtskheta is the first example of cross-type churches, it represents a new level of sculptural decoration of architecture. Other existing buildings around the monastery (tower, rampart) are later. Both religious and historical figures are depicted on the facades of the temple, there are also old inscriptions. The Jvari of Mtskheta is included in the list of world art treasures of UNESCO.