February 548

A New Book “Tbilisi Self-government” was edited

Presentation of the book “Tbilisi Self-government” of Maka Kvaratskhelia, director of Tbilisi Central Archive of the National Archives of Georgia will be held at the National Parliamentary Library on July 10, 18.00.

The book is considered for the readers interested in self-government issues and, generally, for the researchers of the election system history in Georgia. The editor of the book is Professor Vakhtang Guruli, Doctor of Historical Sciences.

The research is based on the documents preserved at the Central Historical Archive, as well as the materials published in the periodicals of 1917-1921 (Newspapers: “Georgia” (1917), “Republic of Georgia” (1918-1921), “Unity” (1918-1921). Journals: “City of Caucasus” (1918-19), “Community and City” (1919-20), “Our City” (1920-21)).

In the frames of the presentation the photo exhibition about Tbilisi self-government will be organized.