November 548

The photo collection of Gabunia-Bebutashvili was placed on the website of the National Archive

Part of the collection of Barbara Gabunia-Bebutashvili preserved in the National Archive of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia has become available on the website of the National Archive.

The collection includes hundreds of photos of Georgian public figures, officials and military personnel taken in 1860-1910. 35 photos of them were published on the Internet.

Artist Barbara Bebutashvili was born in 1891 in the family of writer and philanthropist Davit Iosebi Bebutashvili. He received his education in Paris, France. Along with painting, he was passionate about collecting photographs of historical significance. His collection includes the works of Alexander Roinashvili, Dimitri Ermakov, Vladimir Barkanov, photo salons located in Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

The Gabunia-Bebutashvili collection has been kept in the National Archives of Georgia since the 1960s.

The collection is available at the link: