February 548

The restoration and scientific study of the 16th century Gulan was completed

In the laboratory for restoration of documents of the National Archive of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, during 3 months of 2022, more than 4700 sheets, 15 newspapers were restored, the restoration and scientific study of the 16th century manuscript - Gulan - was completed.

Among the restored documents are archival documents preserved in the Central Historical Archive and the Central Archive of Modern History, a 19th century photo album, newspapers of the same period, technical drawings and more.

Gulan, or the collection of theological-liturgical works, the restoration of which was completed and the restorers had already begun work on the binding, belonged to Levan I Dadiani (1533-1572). As it is clear from the inscriptions, the manuscript later fell into the hands of the Catholicos of Kartli Nikoloz Amilakhorishvili. The Catholicos sacrificed Gulan in 1706 to the Shiomghvimi Monastery. The book was transferred to the National Archives in 1923 from the Shiomghvimi Monastery. The manuscript is decorated with 12 miniatures - scenes of the feast of tabernacles

The restoration of the manuscript and the conservation of its miniatures have been going on for years. In addition, a scientific study of the manuscript took place. It should be noted that in the process of restoration, on the back of one of the miniatures, the original of the document drawn up by the Catholicos of Kartli Nikoloz Amilakhorishvili regarding the Samtavrisi Church was found. It was found that the document compiled in 1692-1695 was the autograph of a Catholic.