December 595

Virtual Exhibition “Delegation of the Second International in Georgia. 1920" is Dedicated to the Anniversary Date

100 years have passed since the visit of the delegation of the Second Socialist International to Georgia. The virtual exhibition of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia is dedicated to this date. Visual and written documents reflecting the visit of the delegation of the Second International are presented on the virtual exhibition. Among the exhibits are the protocols of meeting of the delegation members and the solemn ceremonies; Travel schedule of the delegation to regions; Georgian press response to the visit and many more. The archival material clearly shows the details and significance of the visit.

It should be noted that the delegation of the Second Socialist International visited the First Democratic Republic of Georgia in the autumn of 1920. The delegation included influential European politicians: The leader of the Second International, Carl Kautsky, the future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Ramsey MacDonald, the Member of the French Parliament, Pierre Renodel, the Minister of Justice of Belgium, Emile Vandervelde, the future Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium, Camille Huysmans, and others.

After returning to their homeland, the members of the delegation published numerous publications in the European press, organized meetings, read reports on the support of Georgia's independence and the need to protect Georgian democracy. This visit received a great response in European political circles, increased the awareness of the First Republic of Georgia and largely ensured the de jure recognition of Georgia's independence.

The virtual exhibition can be viewed on the website of the National Archives, at the following link: