February 548

"'Georgian Olympians" in the Gallery of the National Archives of Georgia

The Minister of Justice, Thea Tsulukiani and Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs - Tariel Khechikashvili opened the exhibition "Georgian Olympians" in the exhibition pavilion of the National Archives of Georgia.

The exhibition is dedicated to the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in Rio, in which 40 Georgian sportsmen have won the right to participate.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Olympic champions, prize winners and their family members, representatives of sports organizations.

The exhibition presents photos of Georgian Olympic champions and prize winners, preserved in the National Archives, as exhibits of Georgian Sports Museum - Olympic medals, cups and memorial objects.

“By opening this exhibition we wish success to Georgian participants of the Olympics, some of whom have already arrived in Rio, and some will leave for these days. We will leave this exhibition by the end of the Olympics and add new photos of Olympians and Olympic medalists, medals and cups, which are sure to be many”- announced Thea Tsulukiani.

Documentaries – “Georgian participants return from the Melbourne Olympic Games to Georgia and their Award (1957), “Return of Georgian Olympic athletes from Rome to Georgia” (1960) were shown on the event. The exhibition will last til the end of August. Attendance is free.

Address: Tbilisi, 1, Vazha-Pshavela Ave. / 40, Pekin Ave.