May 548

The lecture was dedicated to the heroic history of the officers of the “Military Center”

It has been 100 years since the shooting of the officers of the “Military Center”, consisting of the National-Patriotic Forces of Georgia. A public lecture was dedicated to this topic and was held today in the cinema of the National Archive. The lecture was attended by students from different schools in Georgia.

After the Bolshevik occupation of Georgia, the national-patriotic forces worked out various plans to restore the state independence of Georgia, among them the organization of an armed rebellion. For this purpose, the armed forces operating in Georgia united and formed the “Military Center”.

The Bolsheviks arrested 15 Georgian officers who were members of this organization and shot them in the territory of today’s Vake Park in Tbilisi. Georgian military personnel showed an example of heroism even before being shot. Among them were: generals – Kote Abkhazi, Varden Tsulukidze, and Aleksandre Andronikashvili; Colonels: Giorgi Khimshiashvili, Rostom Muskhelishvili, Aleksandre Machavariani, and Elisbar Gulisashvili; officers: Mikheil Zandukeli, Simon Bagration-Mukhraneli, Ivane Kutateladze; Captain Farnaoz Karalashvili; also: Jason Kereselidze. Simon Chiabrishvili, Aleksandre Machavariani, Levan Klimiashvili, and Dimitri Sheteli.

The lecture was given by the employees of the scientific department of the National Archives of Georgia: Levan Jikia and Dimitri Silakadze.