February 548

The Winner of the Educational Project Became #1 Mtskheta School


#1 Mtskheta school became the winner of an Educational Project -"First Democratic Republic of Georgia" of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice.

The second place was occupied by the "European School", and the third one – by "Kandidhi".

The best player of the quiz was Tamar Beridze, a member of "Kandidi" team, who gave the correct answer to the most questions.

32 schools of Tbilisi, Mtskheta and Rustavi participated in the project. At first, the staff of the National Archives held presentations on the subject of the First Republic of Georgia. Each school created a 5-member team that was distributed in 8 subgroups for participation in the quiz. The final stage of the project - quiz - was held on 21 and 22 May.

The educational project was first organized in 2015. The National Archives have various materials, written documents, as well as photo and film documents, reflecting the history of the First Republic of Georgia. The Educational Project serves the interest of the students in the history of the First Democratic Republic.

Winner teams, as well as the best participants, will be awarded with different prizes, prescribed by the National Archives next week.