September 595

9 Months Statistics of the Laboratory of Restoration

About 20 921 papers, 489 photo positives, 68 technical drafts and 12 maps were restored during the 9 months of 2014 at the Laboratory of Restoration of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.  

Among the restored documents are: 929 papers and 126 parchment, preserved at the division of Old Documents of the Central Historical Archive – deeds of grace issued by the King Giorgi XII, Iulon Batonishvili; Gulani of 1706; Turkish documents. Zhamngulani of the 14th century written on parchment is significant. The restoration of its part (104 papers) is already finished.

Besides, the documents from the fonds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Parliament of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia were restored.

The two photo albums, depicting the Georgian military road, taken by Dimitri Ermakov by the end of the 19th century and Russian-Turkish war in 1914-1917, were also restored.

The disinfection was held 15 938 papers of the Division of Old Documents and the three photo albums.

The Laboratory of Restoration is involved in the Project of Documents’ Digitalization. In the frame of the project 670 files were prepared for scanning, bound and set into the cover during the 9 months.