November 548

Rati Bregadze: "Full Digitization of the Archive is Part of the 10-year Plan of the Ministry of Justice"

The Minister of Justice of Georgia Mr. Rati Bregadze spoke about the activities of the National Archives and the projects planned here in the Parliament of Georgia within the framework of the "Minister’s Hour". According to Rati Bregadze, full digitization of the archive is part of the 10-year plan of the Ministry of Justice. None of the infrastructure is enough to store the documents created over the years, therefore, using modern technologies, they will be digitized and the access to the documents will be increased in this way.

„Digitization will increase accessibility and it will be much easier to obtain any document. Of course, the digitization process will also simplify business correspondence procedures. "Our goal is to have all the documents issued by the Ministry of Justice and other state agencies archived by the end of the working day," Rati Bregadze said. The Minister also spoke about the new infrastructure of the archive. "This year we opened a new archive building in Akhaltsikhe, which serves Akhaltsikhe, Adigeni, Aspindza and Ninotsminda municipalities. Akhalkalaki and Borjomi municipalities will be added next year. It is planned to build and equip a new archive building in Gori, where documents from Shida Kartli region will be safely stored, ”said the Minister of Justice. 

According to Rati Bregadze, it is also planned to work on a project of a new modern building of the National Archives in Tbilisi, where, in accordance with international standards, the storage conditions of archival documents will be much better.