September 595

The letter of the Heraclius II of Georgia to his 5 Years Old Daugther - Document of the Week

The letter of the Heraclius II of Georgia to his 5 years old daugther is a document of the current week of the National Archives of Georgia. 

„Thekla, sweatheart of father and mother... I have sent you six pomegranates, with the help of God, tomorrow I will send a lot of suger, sugerplam and almond candy“.

For the daughter's delight, the King stamped the letter with all his royal seals. That's why we have 5-languages seal of Heraclius in Georgian, Armenan, Greek, Latin and Persian script. .

“Document of the Week” is the project of the National Archives that aims to inform the society about the unique and various materials, preserved at the National Archives.

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