May 548

Encouragement of Kartvelogy and the history of diplomatic relations between the two countries - the main projects of the National Archives and the US Embassy

The National Archive of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia has started implementing new projects with the support of the US Embassy in Georgia.


In collaboration with the University of Illinois Library, digital copies of the inscriptions of the six funds of historical archives preserved in the National Archives, in Georgian and English versions, will be placed online and will be available on the websites of the National Archives and the University of Illinois. The project "Supporting the Caucasian and Kartevological Program in the United States" will increase the interest of foreign students and scientists, facilitate their scientific activities and contribute to the development of the direction of Kartvelogy.

In addition, in connection with the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Georgia and the United States, the National Archives will soon present to the general public the exhibition and exhibition album "Georgia and the United States. "History of diplomatic relations". The exhibition and publication, prepared with the support of the US Embassy in Georgia, will combine documents depicting important facts and events in the history of the two countries; The interesting photo material, which is kept in the national archive, as well as in various institutions and private collections, and shows the constant support of the USA in various fields to the beginning and development of diplomatic relations with the United States.


On the photo: US Secretary of State James Baker's visit to Georgia, May 26, 1992. Sergo Edisherashvili's photo. Preserved in the National Archives of Georgia.