September 595

Collection of Omar Kelaptrishvili was Transferred to the National Archives

Audio-Visual Archive of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia was granted with the collection of video and audio records of great musician Omar Kelaptrishvili by his widow Tsimi Kelaptrishvili.

The total duration of the video documents amounts to 9 hours and 30 minutes. Diverse content includes TV shows about Omar Kelaptrishvili and his ensemble; documentary about Omar Kelaptrishvili; creative events, meetings, rehearsals and concerts.

What concerns the audio collection it consists original magnetic tape recordings of Omar Kelaptrishvili and his two folk ensembles “Lullaby” (“Iavnana”) and “Kelaptari”.  The total volume of collection amounts to 8 hours and 30 minutes.

The collection is a significant acquisition for the archive, because the materials about Omar Kelaptrishvili preserved at the archive was poor before.

The collection is processed according to the archival rule. Tsimi Kelaptrishvili assisted the Audio-Visual Archive in this case.  Video and Audio materials were decrypted and clarified. The materials of Omar Kelaptrishvili are already designed in electronic format and created insurance and using fonds.