November 548

Division of Information and Use of the National Archival Fonds

Goals and Functions:

  • Provides the free access to the documents of the National Archival Fonds at the research room of the Central Archive in the frames of the stated law;
  •  Publishes the archival documents according to the stated order, prepares thematic inventories, scientific articles, publications, radio and TV programs;
  • As a response of the questions prepares the information about the archival documents for the use of state, economic, scientific and social-cultural purpose;
  • Delivers the social-legal certificates according to the archival documents, as well as the copies of the documents and extractions from the documents;
  • Works up the thematic for the object of the scientific activities of the archive.


Division Staff:

1 Natela Mirianashvili Head of Division 237 63 33
2 Manana Enukidze Main Specialist
3 Marine Itriashvili Senior Specialist
4 Inga Kalandadze Senior Specialist
5 Tinatin Phantsulaia Senior Specialist
6 Tinatin Jabadari Senior Specialist
7 Maka Barbakadze Senior Specialist
8 Mariam Khomeriki Senior Specialist
9 Elene Gelashvili Specialist
10 Natia Pachulia Specialist
11 Tamar Molarishvili Specialist