May 548


Existence of an archive in Kutaisi since the 10th century to present time uninterruptedly is confirmed. It is stipulated with the political-administrative status of this city.

Before the renewal of independence of Georgia (1918), there were numerous of departmental archives in Kutaisi. They were formed as one archive in 1921.

On March 11, 1921 the charge of the Central Archive was appointed to Kutaisi Revolutionary Committee that was changed to Kutaisi Division of the Central Archive of Georgia on November 1, 1925.

In 1930 Kutaisi Division of the Central Archive of Georgia was transformed to City Archive that was lately named Kutaisi State Archive.

Since 2007 Kutaisi Central Archive represents the structural unite of the National Archives of Georgia.

Kutaisi Central Archive holds the documents, depicting the activities of the organizations, institutions and famous people on the territory of West Georgia in the 19th-20th centuries. Among them are: the fonds of Kutaisi City Management (1875-1919), Chancellery of Kutaisi Governor (1846-1916), Kutaisi Province Management (1846-1918), Kutaisi Assembly of Nobility Deputies (1837-1917), Imereti Eparchy Chancellery (1819-1921), Kutaisi Classical Gymnasium (1850-1921) and others.  
Currently, Kutaisi Central Archive holds 434 043 unites of permanent storage 1419 fonds, 224260 unities of 1253 fonds of personnel composition and about 5000 photo documents.