May 548

Film Collection



The first documentary preserved at the archive is dated back with 1909. This is “The Funeral of the Head of City Tbilisi Alexander Matinov”; “The Review of Tbilisi Military Garrison before Alexander Nevel’s Military Temple” was shot in 1910; “The Sanctify of the New Building of Bank in Tbilisi” is also dated back with 1910; the funeral of the famous manufacturer and the public man David Sarajishvili was shot in 1911.

“The Journey of Akaki Tsereteli in Racha-Lechkhumi” shot in 1912 by the cameraman Vasil Amashukeli is the first full-length chronicle-documentary film.

The archive also holds the chronicles of 1918-1920: the parade of the national guard in Tbilisi; the parade of Shevardnelys on the Vake field in May 26, 1920. Here is also the arrival of the leaders of the first International in Georgia.

One little topic has saved for us the civil funeral rites of the Armenian artist and scene-painter in Tbilisi. Sh. Eliava, Sandro Akhmeteli, Titsian Tabidze, Paolo Iashvili and others are attending.

The archival materials depict the social-political movement, economic development, the current processes of culture, science and religion.