June 548

Division of Public and International Relations

Division Competences 

  • Providing and coordinating International Relations of the National Archives of Georgia:

a) Coordination of the relations of the National Archives with the international, foreign governmental and non-governmental professional organizations, legal entities and private persons, diplomatic missions accredited in Georgia;

b) Preparation of Memorandums of International Cooperation and other documents within the competence of the National Archives;
c) Implementation and/or coordination of the realization of the agreed commitments within the competence of the National Archives;
d) Preparation of the proposals on the participation of the National Archives at the International projects;
e) Organization of the visits of the archival institutions delegation of foreign countries and foreign researchers at the National Archives;
f) Coordination of organizing the business trips of the employees of the National archives abroad, the work of international professional bodies, participation of scientific and training arrangements.

  • Media relations, public awareness about the activities within the competence of the National Archives:

a) Public awareness about the activities on resolving the issues within the competence of the National Archives;
b) Establishment of media relations, assistance of journalists in collecting professional information, determining its accuracy and reliability;
c) Preparation and distribution of information (including press releases) about the state of the National Archival Fonds and development perspectives, as well as the issues of the activities of the National Archives;
d) Organization and coordination of the cooperation of structural unites of the National Archives – Central Archives and territorial organs – local archives with the media;
e) Creation and management of the official social network pages of the National Archives, as well as the update of the official web page of the National Archives;
f) Collection and analysis of the stories and the publications sped in the media;
g) Coordination of the preparation of image materials of the National Archives.

Division Staff:


1 Sophio Jobava Head of Division  210 59 16 sjobava@archives.gov.ge
2 Tea Kimeridze Deputy Head   tkimeridze@archives.gov.ge
3 khatia kinkladze Main specialist   khakinkladze@archives.gov.ge
4 Maia kiria Senior specialist   mkiria@archives.gov.ge
5 Teona Lazashvili Designer    tlazashvili@archives.gov.ge