February 548

International Relations

The most important thing is to share the experience of the respective structures of foreign countries in the point of the popularization of the historical monuments or unique documents, preserved at the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, as well as for the implementation of international standards in work.  

For this purpose the National Archives of Georgia has signed the memorandums of understanding with the National Archives of Italy, Lithuania, Poland,Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Finland, Armenia, Egypt, Ukraine, Hungary, Iran, Czech, Slovakia.

The signed documents consider the participation of Georgian specialists at the international projects, exchange of information and professional experience, visits of the foreign countries’ delegations at the National Archives of Georgia, providing the work of foreign researchers, raising the qualification of Georgian specialists. 

The National Archives of Georgia periodically hosts the delegations of the archival institutions of foreign countries. Joint exhibitions are held in Georgia, as well as abroad.
The National Archives of Georgia has joined the International Council of Archives (ICA) in 1996, lately became the member of the ICA European branch (EURBICA) and International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS).
The National Archives of Georgia is also the member of the branch of Georgia of the  international organization “Blue Shield”, organization “World and European Digital Libraries”, “International Federation of Film Archives” (FIAF) and French Photographic Society (Société française de photographie). 

The National Archives actively participates in international conferences, forums, congresses, round tables.