May 548

International Relations

In order to popularize historical landmarks or unique documents preserved at the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, as well as to implement international standards in work, it is crucial to share the experiences of the respective foreign structures.

For this purpose, the National Archives of Georgia have signed the memoranda of understanding with Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Finland, Armenia, Egypt, Ukraine, Hungary, Iran, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkiye, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Greece. A memorandum of understanding with the Max Weber Stiftung – Georgia Branch Office was signed in 2024 with the aim of advancing the research endeavors of German and Georgian academics.

The signed documents address a number of issues, including the involvement of Georgian experts in international projects, the sharing of knowledge and expertise, foreign delegation visits to the National Archives of Georgia, the provision of foreign researchers' work, and the enhancement of Georgian experts' qualifications.

Periodically, colleagues from international archival institutions are hosted by the National Archives of Georgia. Also Georgian representatives pay return visits to the foreign archives to exchange experiences. International and Georgian partners organize joint exhibitions.

Every year since 2016, the National Archives of Georgia have arranged the International Scientific Conference titled "Archival Studies, Source Studies – Trends and Challenges." Tbilisi International Archival Films Festival was also founded in 2022. 

In 1996, National Archives of Georgia became a member of the International Council on Archives (ICA). Joined the International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS) in 2013 after joining the ICA European branch (EURBICA) in 2008.

In addition, the National Archives of Georgia is a member of the international organizations “Blue Shield," “World and European Digital Libraries," “International Federation of Film Archives” (FIAF), and the French Photographic Society (Société française de photographie). Since 2023, the National Archives is a member of the DLM Forum.

The National Archives takes an active involvement in international forums, round tables, congresses, and conferences.