February 548

Davit Gorgadze. Journey To Hell

Davit Gorgadze was born on October 9, 1903 in the family of Sergi Gorgadze, a famous scientist and public figure. The author of the memoirs was quite an active young man, he participated in the Russian-Georgian war of 1921, and after the end of the war and the Sovietization of Georgia - in student demonstrations against the Soviet regime, for which he was arrested twice in 1922 and 1924. He could not escape the repressions of 1937-1938, and he, along with many other innocent people, became another victim of the Soviet regime based on absurd accusations. Davit Gorgadze's "Journey to Hell" depicts the period of his trial, exile and suffering. The work is important for its direct, unadorned narration of the tragedy and horrors experienced by the author.

Size: 20.6X14.5 cm.

Number of pages: 237 p.

Cover: soft cover