January 548

National Archives hosts an exhibition of Sargis Kakabadze's Unique Archive

Exhibition “Sargis Kakabadze” was opened today at the Exhibition Pavilion of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

The exhibition was opened by the General Director of the National Archives Teona Iashvili and the granddaughter of Sargis Kakabadze Tsira Kalandadze. 

Historian and philologist Sargis Kakabadze was one of the founders and later head of the National Archives of Georgia. Due to his effort the National Archives fonds were enriched with important documents.

Sargis Kakabadze's unique personal archive is kept by his granddaughter Tsira Kalandadze. With her assistance, the archive of the historian is presented to the wide society for the first time at the Exhibition Pavilion of the National Archives.

In addition to the photo productions, there are exhibits preserved in the Sargis Kakabadze’s family archive: photos and documents of Kakabadze family, unpublished and completely unknown scientific works, archaeological items belonged to Sargis Kakabadze; Interesting archival materials related to Sargis, David and Artem Kakabadze.

Sargis Kakabadze has preserved rich heredity: monographs, scholarly articles, epistolary heritage, photo materials, and invaluable documentation of the Georgian treasure transfers, which are unpublished so far and have not been put into scientific circulation. The exhibition planned at the National Archives represents the first step in making this material public.

It should be noted that June 9 is the International Day of Archives. The exhibition dedicated to one of the founders of the National Archives of Georgia is linked to this date.

The exposition will last till July 7. Attendance is free of charge.