April 548

"100 Years of the Occupation of Georgia" – Onlie Exhibition of the National Archives of Georgia

Today, on February 25, 2021, 100 years have passed since the occupation of ndependent Georgia by Bolshevik Russia. The exhibition of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia is dedicated to this tragic date, which was published on the website of the National Archives: https://archive.gov.ge/en/2021-1/sakartvelos-okupatsiis-100-tslistavi-2.

The exhibition "100 Years of the Occupation of Georgia" presents those unique archival material that provides interesting and trustworthy information about the tragic events that took place in Georgia 100 years ago.  These include a map showing the route of the Red Army invasion of Georgia, calls and written documents from government leaders, newspaper articles on the war, photos,etc. The exhibits clearly depict Georgia's selfless struggle and 6-week war to preserve its freedom.

A multimedia page has been created with one part of the exhibits of the exposition, to inspect visit the link: https://archive.gov.ge/en/okupaviis-100-tseli-1.

In recent years, the National Archives of Georgia has been actively working to make documents reflecting the history of the First Republic of Georgia more accessible to the public. Numerous educational and scientific projects have been carried out for this purpose, books have been published, an electronic catalog and a multimedia page have been created, exhibitions in physical and digital formats have been held. These diverse resources are available on the archive website: https://archive.gov.ge/ge.