April 548

The National Archives of Georgia Joins the Events of the European Year of Rail with an Exhibition

2021 has been declared the European Year of Rail by the European Union. In this regard, the online platforms of the Archives Portal Europe network (APEx) will present a variety of railway-related material, which is stored in archival institutions of different countries.

The National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia joined the APEx initiative and presented unique archival documents to the international community. The collection of the National Archives of Georgia is the first among the archival collections of other countries, selected by APEx and published on its social network pages, and in the nearest future the same collection will open a series of exhibitions on the APEx website.

The National Archives of Georgia keeps a variety of materials related to the construction and operation of the railway in the Transcaucasian region. Among them is the collection of photographer Dimitry Ermakov, which depicts the laying of railway lines at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, the construction of stations, the opening ceremony of the railway, the first railway accident.

The mission of the Archives Portal Europe network (APEx) is to enhance cooperation between European archives by improving the availability of their materials on the Internet. The National Archives of Georgia joined APEx in 2014.