May 548

"Iavnana" by Nana Janelidze will be preserved at the National Archives of Georgia

Today the director Nana Janelidze has transferedthe three copies of her feature film "Iavnana" (Lullabay) to the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

The feature film is shot in 1994. Screenplays: Nana Janelidze, Nino Natroshvili; Director of photography: Giorgi Beridze; Music: Jansugh Kakhidze, Vakhtang Kakhidze.

About 35 000 film documents are preserved at the National Archives. Though the main part of the collection is the documentary, film chronicle, film journals; Small amount of feature films are preserved at the archive. Among 76 films there are: “Arsena” (1923); “Three Lives” (1924) and others.  Also the films created at the television feature films studio: “Mother’s Hands” (1959); “Tsabunia” (1969); “Kvevri” (1970) and others.

“Iavnana” of Nana Janelidze is an important acquisition for the film collection of the National Archives. In the nearest future the film will be digitalized and it will be more accessible for the all interested persons.