March 548

The restorers of the National Archives restored up to 19,000 sheets in 2022

In the restoration laboratory of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, more than 18,700 sheets of archival documents, 12 posters, 220 newspapers, two photo albums, and about 90 large-format technical drawings were restored in 2022.

The restorers worked on the material preserved in the Central Historical, Contemporary History, and Audio-Visual and Film Archives. Among them are historical documents, 17th-century Synaxaroion, feature film posters, photos of the construction of Rionhesi, and the newspapers "Mkhedari" (1920) and "Sakhalkho sakme" (1917).

It should be noted that in 2022, the restorers of the National Archives started work on the 12th-13th century Quraish Four Gospels, which  are written on parchment and contain palimpsest sheets.

In November 2022, the opening of the restoration laboratory in the Kutaisi Central Archive was an important  step in the restoration of documents at the National Archives. More than 300 sheets of archival documents have already been restored here.