May 548

The National Archives of Georgia celebrates the 300th Anniversary of the King Erekle II with Various Events

The National Archives of Georgia preserves more than 1800 historical documents, issued by the King Erekle II. These documents provide us with plenty of interesting data concerning one of the most prominent Kings in the history of Georgia. Among the documents are: business and private letters; deeds of grace and donation; verdicts; documents linked with the political, military, public life of the country.

Together with the historical documents, the fonds of the National Archives holds the manuscripts, publications edited in his printing house, other archival documents concerning the King Erekle II.

In 2020 the National Archives planes the anniversary exhibitions in Tbilisi and also in the Historical Museum of Telavi.

Furthermore, renewed and expanded  version of the book “Documents of the King Erekle II”, published by the National Archives in 2008, will be made public. The new edition will consist the documents preserved at the National Archives, as well as historical documents from different academic institutions; the album “Erekle II”, containing written sources and memorial objects about the King, will be also published.

On the Fifth International Conference of the National Archives of Georgia “Archival Studies, Source Studies – Trends and Challenges” a special section will be dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the King Erekle II; also special scientific panel discussion will be held.

Besides, creation and presentation of e-catalogue of the documents, issued by the King Erekle II, public lectures, Facebook activities and designing of branded product is planned during the year.